Steve retired from his family law practice in Rochester, Minnesota, after more than 40 years of practice. During those years, he served as a guardian ad litem for both children and adults and was also a part-time administrative law judge, presiding over child support proceedings.

Steve represented family law clients in numerous cases in mediation proceedings and also served as a mediator himself over the years, primarily in the Rochester area. He is motivated to find solutions to conflict, recognizing that each case is unique and presents its own particular opportunities for resolution. After retiring from his family law practice in 2014, Steve has continued to provide mediation and arbitration services to attorneys and their clients. He will continue to offer those services with Remington & Associate. He will also be assisting Suzanne with drafting pleadings and addressing clients’ legal issues.

Steve and his wife, Mary Ann, love dogs as evidenced by the several living with them and being with family, which was a large factor in their decision to relocate to Minneapolis.